Aditron Stationary Die Change roller top Tables

Manual Die Movement- by push pull dies with weights upto 10000 kgs

Aditron roller top Stationary Die Change Tables usually are installed at the rear or side of the presses and are built to suit the die size and shape.

The Aditron roller top tables allows to the operator in the optimum time quick die change–a feature of low cost automation

Aditron Stationary Die Change roller top  Tables
  • to get the die in advance by aditron roller top trolley pr overhead crane or forklift truck the next die to be loaded in the press press die to be used and to park it at a parking position on the Die Change Table up to the use. — so that final exhange is possible by push pr puling of dies upto 10 000 kgs manually
  • to pull out of the press the press die which is not any longer used and to park it in a parking position on the aditron roller top die change Table up to the time when it will be picked up by/ aditron roller top trolley or overhead crane or forklift truck.
  • to push in the new press die, delivered earlier, out of the parking position into the press.
  • to pick up the used press die by roller top aditron roler top moving trolley or overhead crane or forklift truck, after start up of the newly installed press die.

The complete procedure of die changing herewith can be prepared optimally and can be done within shortest time.–qdc – for low cost automation

The quick Die Change Aditron roller top Table operated die lifters with rolls, or roller top blocks for easy and fast movement of die ready for transport..They are equipped with big rolls which do allow a very easy manually moving of the press die. the stationary standing very solid, protected against rolling away of dies by error.

In case of manually operated Die Change Tables the press dies are moved manually by the operator. Manual moving of press dies on Die Change Tables qualifies specially for light press dies. The upper limit for manual moving of press dies is flexible. We recommend manual movement of press dies up to maximum 5/10 tons. by one or two persons