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A group of technocrats led by a Arun Goel and Dr. N. Kumar / S Rao a start up unit started by entrepreneurs with funds from parents and partly self financed with savings — as no bank ready to finance new units in 1983 having visited many industrial / manufacturing units in Europe and seen at Hanover fair the automation process and the purpose of low cost automation with direct or indirect benefits- inspired by technology and savings to the user started manufacturing and assembling in 1983 few import substitution industrial machine tools attachments/ accessories like in plant material handling equipments -rotary joints and other range of industrial machine spms for low cost automation in over 30 years. Aditron having few thousand customers in India and abroad for our range of products, having two manufacturing units at Noida.

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Activated Mechanically / Pneumatic/ Hydraulic


Now Offering to Customer “Quick Die Change System”



Aditron Die Lifters Shown Under The Die Inside T Slots/ S Slots

Aditron offering different sizes and capacities of roller die lifting arms when activated mechanically / pneumatic or hydraulics the die dies get lifted by 1mm. from the bed/ bolster one person can push or pull dies upto 2500 kgs two persons upto 5000kgs, three persons upto 10000 kgs.


Roller Top Hydraulic Trolley With Two Rows Of Heavy Duty Solid Rollers

A large range of hydraulic hand pump operated roller top trolies having size ten percent larger than your largest die in that group is customized to suit the application — it is with four wheels including two castors-minimum height approx 500mm –max as required by bolster-die storage rack


Roller Top Mechanical Trolley With Automatic Interlocking Facilities

Special range of heavy duty mechanical roller top trolleys with automatic interlocking facilities , as soon as the operator pushes the trolley to the press it gets interlocked at pre-fixed location will not move until the lock is released be the operator


DIE/ MOULD / JIGS . Fixture Storage Rack With Rollers 1/2/3 Tier

Aditron manufacturing a large range of die/ mould/ jigs/ fixtures storage racks with rollers in different sizes and capacities. Die racks are with two rows of rollers like a rail track with little effort- of push or pull without any other equipment required to move, safety pins provided with chain.


Aditron Die Lifters For T/U Slots of Press Bed / Bolster

Aditron offering Die Lifters For T/U Slots of Press Bed / Bolster


Roller Blocks

Aditron offering roller blocks for handling dies and moulds pushing or pulling


Roller Top Stationary Tables

Aditron roller top Stationary Die Change Tables usually are installed at the rear side of the presses and are built to suit the die size and shape.


D-Roller Rails For Dies/ Moulds/ Jigs/ Fixtures/ Storage Racks

Aditron offering D-Roller Rails For Dies/ Moulds/ Jigs/ Fixtures/ Storage Racks